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Canadian Academy of Guard Training Interview Prep eBook

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A Complete Guide to Security Guard Job Interviews

Learn what to do before, during & after the interview.

It’s not enough to be the most qualified job candidate. You have to interview like a pro, too.

Now you can get hired faster, for better security jobs when you perfect your interview skills. Your investment of $39.95 can save you weeks or months of cycling through interviews while you wait for the call.

And this guide is only available here. There’s no other complete guide to security guard job interviews on the market.

Written by experts with 11 years of experience, it’s based on lessons from hundreds of security guards who got hired!

You’ll learn:

  • The 2 rules you must follow to sell yourself every time
  • What brilliant interviewees find out before the interview
  • The proven hack for spotting and eliminating your interview flaws
  • Simple ways to impress from the moment you arrive at the interview
  • The Top 10 Interview Questions for security guards
  • Proven, scripted responses to even the toughest questions
  • Tricks for turning weaknesses into strengths
  • How to make interviewers like you — without words
  • The exact questions to ask (to look your smartest)
  • What to do with your “last chance” to make an impression

We’ve condensed everything you need to know into 25 easy-to-follow pages.

We worked with experts to create an eBook designed to help prospective security guards prepare for the interview process. This 25-page eBook will answer any questions about the process and help you answer any questions you might get.